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Joseph "JoJo Luv" Bustamante is 30 yrs old, born February 15, 1988. Latino living in Los Angeles, California. Luv Music, Photography & also Blogging about my thoughts, feelings & opinions about life experiences I have faced. I would love to share my passions, Dreams, Goals & more with the world. How I first got the name JoJo was when my first born nephew Anthony was a baby he couldn't say Joseph so he would always call me JoJo.... & as he got older I became Uncle JoJo😊 Years went by & I started joining all social media outlets but alot of people have the nickname JoJo so I gave myself JoJo Love but than I thought to myself I should be more unique & different so I decided to change the spelling from Love to Luv & that is how I became "JoJo Luv". 

Please check out my site for updates & new stuff to come as I am starting this new chapter in my life with being more open with the world & maybe help change someone's life with sharing my experiences. If you would like me to blog about a topic, have questions or comments email me by going to my "Contact Me" Also if you are interested in maybe Modeling or if you do Make-up email me, Maybe we could Collab on something together. 

- JoJo Luv

This is dedicated in loving memory of my mom Jeanette.  

R.I.P. Mommy
August 1, 1960 - November 5, 2014