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Posted by JoJo Luv on May 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We are put in this world called life… we go through so many things in life… As we live and grow we are learning so much about life. Ever since I was a little boy, I was so innocent, I thought everyone in life was so trustworthy, honest and real. Turns out I was wrong. I did learn though from being back stabbed, cheated on, used, & more from friendships to relationships to even Family members. People in life are not all nice as they appear to be. I lived that life of being a fool from just believing in what people would say, as if they were speaking truth to me. I thought I had a degree in life…

Oh boy, was I wrong. I have grown so much in this thing called life, it is very hard for me to give someone my trust like I use too. After all, What I’ve gone through in life, it’s hard for me to open up to anyone. I share my story through my art of writing or taking photos. I don’t ever really share with too many people things that go on in my life. I tend to keep things to myself, in private. Those who are in my life now, I don’t take them for granted at all. I appreciate and luv everyone in my life.

Those who have come & gone, in & out of my life. They are my past not my present & never my future anymore, & that’s ok. Some people are put in our lives for a reason. We learn from it. We go through pain and hurt in life. We also go through happy times & making great memories in life. I never want anyone to feel sorry for me nor give me their sympathy or pity. I have always said through any bad things that I have or had faced has made me


I hold that quote very close to my heart. I even have it tattooed on my wrist with that saying "Stronger Than Ever". Reason is because everytime I experience something bad that happens in my life only makes me stronger than I was before. I won't let someone or something break me anymore. Life is Short. I have gone through a lot in my life time. I like to just express my story & life experiences through my art. Writing, Photography & music helps me.

We all have something in life that helps us get through & express ourselves. We all have it within us, to overcome anything. We can share with the world our life experiences we have faced and overcome. Maybe show others they are not alone. We do pull through from the storm that rains upon us. I have always been my biggest critic in anything I do. I always want to be better, I question myself, did I do something, right? Is it something people will like? I should have done something this way or that way.

I think that’s what has held me back in really showing and expressing what “I” want to share what I believe in, not having to worry about if someone is going to like it or not. I know in life not everyone will ever see eye to eye or enjoy and like the same things you do in life. I have learned that. Life is about learning and growing to be a better you if you choose to be.

I have spent so many days, months & years not really opening up. Why? I don’t know because I can care less anymore if someone will like or enjoy my art I share! If I’m not being real, then I am not being me. I have always said I can’t be fake. I’m the truth & the truth don’t lie. Always share your worth & truth. My point to this is that we all live and learn one way or another… right and wrong… Just don’t ever give up on life if you feel you won’t get through. Life is so short. We are not perfect. We are human.

If I can help or inspire someone with my story or art then I did a job well done. I will continue to share my art because it’s MY ART! I don’t need anyone’s approval in life. We all face things in life but we must pull through and know that whatever it is or was we had to go through is that we learned from it, Grow & don’t ever stop LIVING!

Because in Life we LIVE, LEARN & GROW!


Posted by JoJo Luv on June 29, 2017 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)


The Term I Always Use “Stronger Than Ever” These Words Have So Much Meaning to Me, I Don’t Think Anyone Would EVER Understand How Much Those Words Mean to Me From Everything I Have Gone Through, Throughout My Life, Or Maybe Someone Can Relate After You Hear Why Those Words Me A lot To Me…

I Have Gone Through Some Dark Days in My Life, I Was Bullied in All Four Years of High School. I Would Hear Rumors People Would Say About Me, Or Fake Friends Trying to Act Like They Care When They Are One of The People Spreading Those Rumors. I Use To Cut Myself on My Wrist Because I Had Low Self Esteem, I Didn’t Love Myself for Who I Was. I Wasn’t Just Dealing with Things in High School, I Was Also Dealing with Personal Things Happening in My Life At Home & With Family. I Would Always Turn to Music in Writing or Just Listening to Songs That Would Get Me Through Those Dark Days & Nights. I Was Also the Ago 13 Taking Care of My Mom as She Had Surgery After Surgery for Her Hernia’s. I Would Be My Mom’s Personal Care Taker at Home. I Was My Mother’s Nurse. I Would Have to Clean & Change My Mom’s Bandages from Her Surgery Every Day.

Make Sure She Would Take Her Medicine. I Wouldn’t Have Wanted It Any Other Way, Because NO ONE Will Luv & Take Care of Your Mother Than Her Own Child. It Was A lot to Handle As a Child. I Have Always Heard “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” & That Is Really True. I Made It Through My High School & I No Longer Have Low Self Esteem & I Luv Me for Me & if No One Likes It I Could Careless Because I Have Come to Reality That You Have To Love Yourself & Respect Yourself First Before Anyone in This Life Will. I Don’t Need Anyone’s Approval in Life Like I Use To Think I Did. I Am Done Trying to Make Everybody Else in Life Happy Before My Own Happiness. I Also Have Lost My Nana When I Was at the Age of 10yrs Old.

That was the Hardest Thing in My Life to Deal with as a Child & Go Through. She Was My Biggest Supporter as a Kid With Me Wanting to Become a Singer & Always Wanted Me to Go For it. Going Through the Lost of Friends & Also Family Who You Think Wants to See You Shine In Life and Be Successful Turns Out They Really Don’t. They Just Want to Keep You Down Because They Aren’t Happy With Whom They Are or Where They Are in Life. I Have Lost A lot of so Called Friends Who Have Done Me Wrong. I Also Have Been Done Wrong in My Past Relationships With Being Cheated On & Lied Too. That Truly Opened My Eyes to Take Things Slow & Don’t Be So Trusting. I Have This Thing With TRUST if You Have My Trust & You Break It. It Is Very Hard for Me to Ever Trust Again. I Maybe Able to Forgive but When It Comes to Trusting a Person Again. May Take A LONG Time to Trust That Person Again or Maybe I Will Never Trust That Person Again.

I Made it Through All That & More. I am So Much Stronger Than I Have Ever Been in My Life. I Was So Down & Weak. Now I Am Strong & I Don’t Let the Little Things Bother Me. I Don’t Care Anymore If Someone Is Talking. I Say They Gone Talk About You in This Life & Also When You Die. Let Them Keep Your Name in Your Mouth Because They Making You Relevant in Life While They Are Making Themselves Irrelevant. I Don’t Let It Affect Me Anymore Because Why? Why Should I? They Are Out There Living Their Life “Happy” While I Am Down & Depressed? Nope! We Have To Live Our Life Like They Are Living Theirs. We Only Get One Life in This Time on Earth. We Have to Live to the Fullest. Live For You. Live to Say You Did What You Wanted To Do While Here On Earth. That is Also Another Reason I Launched My Website. I Am Sharing MY Life With You All Who Care To Listen. I Would Love to Help Anyone Going Through Anything in Life & Uplift You. I Would Love to Inspire & Also Be Inspired. I Am Now 29yrs Old…

I Have Gone Through A lot. I Have Always Been A Fan of Christina Aguilera For Those That Know Me. Her Song “Stronger Than Ever” Helped Me Through A lot. It Helped Me A lot in My Relationship During That Time When That Song Came Out, & It Also Helped Me to Be Strong From Past Things I Went Through with Family & Friends. It Wasn’t Just About My Relationship. I Had Related to That Song So Much More, I Listen To Songs So Much Deeper. Things Happen In Our Life for a Reason They Say… Somethings That Happen… I Don’t Know If I Could Ever Find That Reason… I Lost My Mother at the age of 54, I Was 26yrs Old. My Mom & I Would Always Talk about What Would I Do If I Lost Her or If She Lost Me, & We Would Always Laugh & Say Shut Up. I Would Tell My Mom, “I Would Die With You”. In a Way I Did Die That Day When She Past Away, I Went Numb & I Didn’t Feel Anything, But I Had to Be Strong.

My Mom Would Always Tell Me, "I Wish I Could Be As Strong As You", I Would Tell Her "You Are Strong". That Was in My Mind is to Be Strong For Her & My Brothers. I Had to Make Sure We Had a Great Funeral for Her. In Honor of Her & Memory of Her. I Wanted it to Be Something She Would Have Wanted & Loved to Be Remembered. We Never Talked About It But I Knew I Had to Be Strong to Get Through It. I Had to Be the Strongest One When I Should Have Been the Weakest One. Again, I Was Strong, I Had To Be. There is Nothing Else in This Life But to Be Strong. I Always Think I Would Be the First One to Freak Out, But When I Am in That Moment or Situation, I Always Seem to Be the Most Calm & Strong One.

I Got Tatted “STRONG THAN EVER” Because It’s a Reminder to Always Be Strong If I Am Having a Bad Day & Help Me Get Through It. It’s Also Together With My Tattoo I Got Done in Memory of My Mom. So I Will Always Say I Am Stronger Than Ever Because Ain’t Nothing in My Life That Has Happen Has Stopped Me From Living. I Am Going to Continue Being Strong. Living My Life Because I Know My Mom Would Have Wanted Me Too & I Know She is There With Me. I Won't Let the Weak Control me or Ever Make Me Feel I Should Take My Life. I Have Grown So Much. Life is Worth Living. Don’t Ever Feel You Can’t Go On & Want to Give Up. We All Go Through Things in Life. Never Give Up. Keep Fighting. Stay Strong. Have Hope & Faith. 


Much Luv,

JoJo Luv

Mother's Day

Posted by JoJo Luv on May 16, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Mothers Day...

I have really been thinking about writing this blog about "Mother's Day". Reason is because I know if I write, I will keep writing & I know I just won't be able to stop & all my emotions & feelings will just start to flow.... but here it goes...

I know all of us out there should be or did celebrate our Mom's Day... & as much as I would like too.... I have tried so hard to forget that Mother's Day was coming this past Sunday & I don't have my mother here anymore living life & giving me life because without her I am nothing.... I am human! I have my good & bad dayz, it truly isn't easy. I try & forget that Mother's Day was coming all last week because I feel like the whole week before the day comes I should & would have been planning something amazing for my mom! She was my best friend, my hero, my life, my person, my Warrior, my supporter, my world, my biggest fan, my other half, & so much more....

Her & I have always made it through the good & bad times. It's still hard for me some days to keep on... when knowing she is really gone....

The week of Mother's Day coming up, every day getting closer to the big day for Moms in the world. I don't have my mom anymore to be able to celebrate a day she deserves & all days in the 365 days a year. She was a single mother of three sons. She was both Mother & the Father Role. I truly miss my mom everyday. I try & think of all the good times. I still think of her & wish she was here on earth with me living. We had so much planned once she was better & out of the hospital. I will one day fulfill our trip we wanted to take & that was to Italy.

I will plan a trip one day to go to Italy & experience the Life out there & enjoy every second of my time there in memory & honor of my mommy. I have always been a Christina Aguilera fan & her music I can really relate too. When she came out with the single "Oh Mother" it felt like she was writing my life in one song. That song was truly mine & my mother's song. I dedicated that song to my mother because in the song the lyrics go....

"Oh mother, We're Stronger...

From all of the tears you have shed....

Oh mother, don't look back Cause he'll never hurt us again.......

So mother, I thank you (and I thank you for everything you've done)

For all that you've done & still do (together We always move on)

You Got Me, I Got You, (You Got Me, I Got You)

Together WE Always pull through...."

Those lyrics truly hurt deeper now that she is gone because it was always US & now I am on my own trying to find myself as I am in this world alone. Facing it at fast speed...... with no one on the passenger seat next to me anymore....

My mom is gone but I still can't bring myself to the reality of her being gone, am I wrong? I pray she is up in heaven being showered with all the flowers there is, because she always loved getting them on her birthday, mothers day, or just because. Luv you Mommy. Happy Morther's Day to you & all the amazing mothers who have past & to those living. Everyone appreciate your mother because we only get ONE in this life.

Much Luv,

- JoJo Luv


Posted by JoJo Luv on April 12, 2017 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

The day that went by so fast & the night that went by so slow... it's April 12, 2017 at 1:15am.... why am I still awake? I ask myself that all the time... I sometimes go to sleep early & sometimes I go to sleep late.... I guess this is just part of the ups and downs one faces.... I've been through a lot in my 29yrs of life & I never knew how strong I could be when that was all I had left was to be strong.... never shown someone I had fallen with a broken wing.... always got right back up and put a patch on that scar & kept keepin' on... sometimes we face things we don't want to face... but when you feel like the walls are closing in because your suffocating from holding your breathe for you not to believe or wake up to this life that this is my reality... the life I once had is gone & was taken from me.... the day I got that call from the hospital.... the second I hung up the phone to rush to the hospital to my mother's bedside... praying to god to please don't take my mother... nights like this is because I can't bare to bring myself to reality that this is my reality.... I will never forget the day I had to say goodbye & let go of the one person I felt the most love from & felt whole... Nights like this my mind begins to wander "what if"... I still feel she is out there on vacation without me & I some how some way have to find her on that island she is sipping a nice cold Margarita or a nice cold Corona bottle beer with lemon & Salt as she would always like on her drinks. I am not one to share my feelings or cry. I hold my own... because one day I felt alone.... with out a home.... I found some friends who because of them did I find myself apart of one of them.... FAMILY.... nights like these I just let my fingers do the typing for what I am thinking of, as a lot goes through my mind...

Until next time...

Much Luv

- JoJo Luv 

Why Do I Blog?

Posted by JoJo Luv on April 6, 2017 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (1)

The reason I first started to blog was because I wanted to share with people who would maybe find interest in my Blogging or maybe help change a life in someway, shape or form. I have always written down things that come to mind. I finally would like to share that with everyone who would like to listen & read my blogs. Blogging for me is just my way of sharing my thoughts on something I maybe can relate to or have experienced in my life this far. Life is short & I have always been private about everything. I have grown alot in the last few recent years. I have learned you can't make everyone happy and you have to be happy within yourself before you can make someone else happy whether it be a relationship, friendship or maybe even within your own family. I have come to an understanding that tomorrow is not promised & I would like to know before I go... I am doing something I have always been wanting to do & finally doing it before I leave this earth. I will be blogging about different subjects. It will be whatever comes to my mind at that moment & just start to write... We have to live our life because we only live once. I will continue to share with those who support me along this new journey. I apprecate you all. Much more to come... 

Much Luv,

- JoJo Luv

Luv Will Never Fail...

Posted by JoJo Luv on February 1, 2011 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I Will Never Hate "Luv"

I Will Always Believe in "Luv"

I Will Never Say Fuck "Luv"

I Will Always Believe in "Luv"

No Matter What! "Luv" Will NEVER Fail Me,

But My Ex's Have Failed or Will Fail Me! Never "Luv".

We LIVE, LEARN & GROW With & From LUV! :)

We Will Always Have Luv Weather We Believe, Feel Or See It!

Family & Friends Will Always Have Luv for Us As We Will Have Luv For Them.

The Number One Luv is To ALWAYS Luv Yourself First!

Luv, Luvs You & God Luvs You!

(Words From My Mind, Body & Soul. This Is How I Truly Feel! Only Speak for Me Not 4 Anyone Else on How Others Feel!)

- JoJo Luv 

Love Luvs Me...

Posted by JoJo Luv on August 12, 2010 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

This Blog is Titled “Love Luvs Me” Because I See & Hear Many PeopleSay “Fuck Luv” and I Written a Blog Months Ago Titled “Fuck Luv?” And IThink It Was a Good Blog for What I Think About When People Say that…


I’m Writing This Blog Because I Was Recently in a Relationship WithSomeone Who Will Remain Nameless So I Will Name the Person “BAPR” lol…That Means Something To Me But I Won’t Say What hahahaha… So I Was WitBAPR & This Person I Truly Did Fall In Luv Wit But I Guess BAPRDidn’t Luv Me or It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be. So The Reason for “LoveLuvs Me” is Because I Won’t Say “Fuck Luv” because “GOD is LUV” and WhyWould I Ever Say “Fuck God” I Would NEVER! & Its NOT Luv That HurtMe for Me to Say “Fuck Luv” It Was the Person I Was With That Didn’tLuv Me. Luv Wouldn’t Hurt Us! Why Would Luv Nor God Wouldn’t. And WeAll Have Friends & Family That Luv Us. So Why Say “Fuck Luv”? I KnwThat Love aka Luv Luvs Me & It Wasn’t Meant to Be For Me &BAPR, But Luv Will Come Again & Wit the Right Person for Me. LuvWill Happen When Its Ready for Us All. Yes We All Deal Wit Heartachefrom Break Ups & Its Because of One Persons Doing. Luv Will HappenSomeday (Oneday) for Me & For Everyone In the World. But AlwaysRemember Family, Friends & God Luvs U. Don’t Ever Hate or Say FuckLuv Because Luv is All Around Us Not just from The One U Fall in LuvWith. I Knw Its Not the Same. But Luv Is So Big & Full of Happiness& Joy. The Person Your With Wasn’t In Luv With U. So Don’t BlameLuv! Blame The One You Were With.


Hope This Is Understanding & Makes Sense. It Does to Me. But I’mSure Others Think Different & That’s Ok We Are All Allowed to HaveOur Own Options, Feelings & Thoughts.


Thanks for Reading…. Let Me Knw if U Have a Topic I Should Talk About or Think About & That U Wanna Hear My Thoughts.


Much LUV to You All.


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- JoJo Luv